Seth McCombs grew up in Rhode Island. His childhood was spent exploring Narragansett Bay, reading comics, playing in the woods behind his parents house and reading books. His teenage years were angsty (it was the 90’s), his twenties were artsy (in a punk kinda way) and his thirties were awesome. That’s when he found his creative voice and also when he met his wife, with whom he co-wrote Lily & Pete. Now his life is spent making art inspired by his love of the ocean, creating comics, walking his dog in the woods and writing books. He is occasionally still angsty and/or artsy (but is probably more metal than punk). Seth and his wife are currently in the process of adopting their first child.

Process & Materials


I learned from studying comic book artists and cartoonists. I start with light pencil sketches, getting shapes in place, working out fine details like hands and faces. The real drawing happens with a brush and a bottle of ink. I like the versatility I get from a brush, I only use pens when I have to. I like Windsor Newton series 7 number 3 for brushes and Higgins Black Magic for ink. I like Arches watercolor paper because once the drawing is done I soak the paper in wash and I need something that will stand up to it. Once I’ve got the drawing down, I’ll work in some depth and shadow with a dirty water wash. Finally I’ll add the color with watercolor. I use all brands of paint but I do gravitate to Windsor Newton. As with drawing brushes, the cheap stuff won’t cut it. For painting brushes though, just about anything will work. I use all kinds of cheapie brushes for painting. I’ve got a pretty heavy hand with the paint so once the watercolor is dry I’ll go back in with my ink and fine brush to touch up places where the paint has obscured the linework.

My artistic heroes are Mike Allred, Herge, Bill Watterson, Jack Kirby, Barry Windsor Smith, Steve Ditko, Mike Mignola and a bunch more people I’m not thinking of right now. You know, the good stuff.